Sacred Heart Cathedral

A highlight of tour was being able to record our second album, In Endless Light, in the Sacred Heart Cathedral of Pueblo, CO. Besides being a beautiful old cathedral with an awesome atmosphere, the acoustics were flattering! All of our recording was done in two late evenings, since outside traffic was at a minimum then.
We wrapped up tour with a program in Hutchinson, KS, on Saturday, followed by Sunday programs in Arcola, IL, and Kokomo, IN. A very tired but blessed Chorale dispersed to their various homes the next day.

Whitewater Rafting

White water rafting on the Arkansas River provided an exciting twist of adventure! To say that our group of rookie rafters enjoyed the day is to put it mildly! Some of us settled for a 10 mile ride, while others opted to keep on rafting right through the Royal Gorge for an extra thrill.

Back in Colorado

It was exciting to be back in Colorado, with all it’s rugged beauty and wonderful climate! Loren Miller with New Horizons Ministries made arrangements for us to sing in several of the prisons we had in 2004, along with some we had never sang in. Once more we were encouraged by the inmates who lived with free hearts in spite of being in prison. Many other inmates, especially the young offenders, brought sadness to our hearts as we saw them living without hope in Jesus.

Headed West to Colorado

In July of 2005, Oasis Chorale headed west to sing in the prisons of Colorado, working through New Horizons Ministries, a ministry that provides foster childcare for children of incarcerated mothers. The Chorale met in Kokomo, IN for 2 1/2 days of intense rehearsal before beginning the long bus ride to Colorado. A short stop in Leon, IA, for an evening program and overnight stay broke up our journey.

Oasis Chorale Itinerary 2005

  • July 20    -Leon Salem Mennonite Church, Leon, IA
  • July 21    -Denver Women’s Correctional Facility, Denver, CO
  • July 22    -Territorial Correctional Facility, Canon City, CO
  • July 23    -Youth Offender Systems, Pueblo, CO
  • July 23    -Pueblo Minimum Center, Pueblo, CO
  • July 24    -Southern Peaks, Canon City, CO
  • July 24    -Skyline Mennonite Church, Canon City, CO
  • July 25    -Colorado Woman’s Correctional Facility, Canon City, CO
  • July 29    -Cedar Crest Amish Mennonite Church, Hutchinson, KS
  • July 31    -Pleasant View Church, Arcola, IL
  • July 31    -Bethany Fellowship, Kokomo, IN

Oasis Chorale Personnel 2005

Conductor: Wendell Nisly

Soprano I
Janelle Glick
Kendra Miller
Jeanene Nisly
Hosanna Raber

Soprano II
Lisa Fehr
Ginger Good
Lana Martin
Cristi Miller
Jennifer Willey

Alto I
Suzanne Good
Christina Kuhns
Susan Lapp
LaRonda Schrock
Brenda Stoltzfoos

Alto II
Brenda Kuhns
Edith Mast
Jenelle Miller
Rosita Schrock
Bettina Yoder

Bass I
Vincent Beiler
Tony Good
Vernon Kuhns
Maynard Swarey

Bass II
Dan Lapp
Gene Miller
Joe Miller
Jeremy Yoder

Tenor I
Wendell Glick
Wendel Hershberger
Dwight Stoltzfoos

Tenor II
Gabriel Jantzi
Mannie King
Jason Mast
James Swartz