Two Programs in Hutchinson, KS

Sunday included two programs in Hutchinson, Kansas. Our audiences were very responsive and we felt priveledged to be God’s vessels, in sharing His light and truth through song! All praise to the Lord! Sunday evening, after some final words and songs of farewell, we parted. A large part of the chorale traveled to their homes on a bus from Lancaster, and so we had many stops along the way to drop off members at various meeting places. And so ended Oasis Tour 2008.  A big thank you to family and friends who supported us through prayer, words of encouragement, or by your presence. We couldn’t do this without you!

Bus Ride Back to Kansas

Saturday found us traveling back to Kansas and enjoying many good bus times as we visited, sang, played games, and got involved in various stimulating discussions. In a group this size there are always many opinions and personalities, so a trip like this entails many interesting times.

Acoustics of Sacred Heart Cathedral

Then for preparation to sing for our biggest audience… Thursday and Friday we traveled to the Sacred Heart Cathredal, where we were to record. The beauty, immensity, and  acoustics of this cathredal made you want to preserve a holy hush…and to sing in it was totally delightful! We spent the afternoons rehearsing, then later in the evenings, after spending some time praying together, we started recording and recorded until quite late, since those hours lent to more quietness on the streets outside. It was an amazing priveledge to record in this enviroment! Each song was committed to God before recording, and we pray that these songs would truly be a blessing and healing balm to our listeners.

An Afternoon Hike

Wednesday we had different choices for recreaction. A big part of us chose to go rafting and brave the fierce white water of the Arkansas River, so until the end of the day we had experienced much exciting adventure! Some others enjoyed the breathtaking sights of the Royal Gorge, while still others chose to do a few work projects for the New Horizon’s Mission before taking an afternoon hike. In the evening we gave a program at Colorada Territorial Correctional Facility.

Spiritual Connection With The Songs

Our Sunday evening activity was a big highlight of the trip. A committee was appointed to plan an evening of text studies from our repertoire. It turned out to be a very meaningful evening and was very beneficial to understanding the song texts, and allowing God to speak to us through the rich words of these songs that we had so long poured over. We spent time praying, sharing insights, and discussing the text, then had time alone and with our eight voice parts, sharing insights with each other. For some, this time with our voice parts was a time of connecting on a deep level, sharing our hearts, and drawing closer to God and each other as we prepared to sing together.

Third Visit to New Horizon’s Ministry

We met in Kansas on June 20th, and after a day and a half of rehearsing, we boarded the bus to travel west to Colorado, where we were hosted at the New Horizon’s Mission in Canon City. It was Oasis Chorale’s third tour to Colorado under NHM, a ministry that provides foster care for babies of incarcerated mothers. Through NHM we were able to obtain entrance into the prisons. Sunday we gave our first program at the NHM home church. We were also blessed to have a few ladies along to cook for us during our week in Colorado. They took their job seriously, and we ate delicious meals!

Tour Preparations Begin in April

Another tour…another time of blessing and opportunity to enjoy the richness of God’s gifts! Preparations for Oasis Tour ’08 started long before the tour began. Our first time together as a Oasis 2008 group was in April, when we met in Harrisonburg, Virginia for a weekend rehearsal. Rehearsal was intense, rewarding, and stretching. It was also very much fun to sing under Wendell’s directing, and with each other. We left with many hours of preparation ahead, and with anticipation for the tour that lay before us!

Oasis Chorale Itinerary 2008

Friday, June 20 
All day rehearsal

Saturday, June 21
Morning rehearsal
Travel to Colorado

Sunday, June 22 
Program at Skyline Mennonite Church, Canon City, CO
Evening activity – Prayer and Text study

Monday, June 23
All day rehearsal
Prison program – Pueblo Youth Center

Tuesday, June 24 
Morning rehearsal / lunch at Garden of the Gods
Prison program – Denver Women’s Prison

Wednesday, June 25
Prison program – TBA

Thursday, June 26

Friday, June 27 

Saturday, June 28
Travel to Kansas

Sunday, June 29
Center Amish Mennonite @ 9:30 A.M.
Cedar Crest Amish Mennonite @ 7:30 P.M.

Oasis Chorale Personnel 2008

Conductor, Wendell Nisly – Harrisonburg, VA


Doreen Berry – Kirksville, MO
Regina Brubaker – Harrisonburg, VA
Rosemary Eberly – Harrisonburg,VA
Lana Martin – Orrstown, PA
Caroline Mast – Linn Grove, IN (AR)
Kendra Miller – Bourbon,IN
Jeanene Nisly – Harrisonburg,VA
Charlene Stoltzfoos – Kinzers,PA


Rebecca Brenneman – Linwood, ON
Mollie Cassidy – Perkins,OK
Martha Lapp – NewHolland, PA
Audrey Kuhns – Arcola,IL
Brenda Kuhns – Arcola, IL (PA)
Jenelle Miller – Kalona, IA
Sarah Sommers – Dalton, OH
Rose Stoltzfus – Oxford, PA
Bethany Troyer – QuakerCity, OH


Bill Bergen – Staples,ON
Laverne Glick – Gap,PA
Nathan Hobbs – Potwin,KS
Mannie King – Kinzers, PA
Nolan Martin – Narvon, PA
Leonard Mast – Linn Grove, IN (AR)
Franklin Miller – Minerva, OH
James Swartz – Harrisonburg, VA


Tony Beachy – PlainCity, OH
Lavelle Beiler – Smoketown, PA
Daniel Brubaker – Olar, SC
Jonathan Fisher – Kinzers, PA (AR)
Vernon Kuhns – Lovington, IL
Philip Lebold – Millbank,ON
Gene Miller- Partridge, KS
Jotham Yoder – Stanardsville, VA
Michael Yoder – Blufton,IN