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About 70 Oasis Chorale singers have gathered here in Hartville OH and spent the last few days rehearsing. We are joined each evening by about 60 singers from Minerva Community Choir led by Franklin Miller. Needless to say we can “raise the roof” with some beautiful music and the 130 voices!
If you cannot join us in person tomorrow for the 3:00pm concert you can join us virtually by going to

May God be praised!

Dwight Stoltzfoos

Festival 2013: With Anticiptation . . .

10 YEARS! It is true! Oasis Chorale is actually celebrating it’s 10 year anniversary this very weekend! 

Many and hurried are the preparations of numerous alumni and current members for this event. The 2014 international touring choir is gathering in the morning to spend one day prepping a few songs for the festival concert on Sunday. An added benefit is their ability to hear each other in person much further in advance than most years.

The rest of the alumni that can make the trip to Hartville OH will be doing so tomorrow in preparation for rehearsal and reunion activities planned for all day Friday and Saturday. We anticipate numerous music moments and good memories!

We hope to see you Sunday afternoon at the festival concert set to begin at 3:00!

-Oasis Chorale