Today we spent the day recording the next Hymns of the Church album. Two years ago we recorded the first volume. Today we began the recording for Volume 2. We plan to continue recording tomorrow and Friday morning.

You might wonder why we choose to do a recording of hymns. There are several reasons, but perhaps the largest reason is that there really isn’t as big a gap between hymns and the choral music we sing as some might think. We love singing hymns and try to sing in such a way that anyone else who loves to sing hymns can sing along with the recording. We sing out of the Hymns of the Church song book. This book contains both old familiar hymns and hymns that are not as well known. So we follow suit. In this way hopefully some of the less familiar hymns will become better known and more frequently sung in church services.

Recording can be a strenuous process, but working with the same recording engineer we have worked with in prior recordings made the day easier.

There are several spouses of singers traveling with the choir and a couple of cute little baby boys too. This adds much pleasure to the time spent together at breaks and in the evening. Judging by their sweet little crowing we may well be looking at future OC members!

Thank you for following us as we continue our summer tour!