Hymns of the Church – Volume 1 – Digital Download

The Psalmist commands us to “sing unto the LORD a new song” (Psalm 96:1). This album will help worshipers learn at least a dozen new songs from Hymns of the Church, the new hymnal published in 2011 by Benchmark Press. Oasis Chorale presents these songs as an introduction to the many hymns in this hymnal with classic qualities. For example, the hymn “Thou Glorious Sun of Righteousness” insightfully varies the meaning of “shine on” to show the power of the world’s true Light to make God’s “garden fresh and fair” and complements its theme with music that builds to an inspiring conclusion. A few songs have familiar texts set to enduring music that will be new to most worshipers. The appealing tune for a metrical version of the Lord’s Prayer will make this timeless prayer memorable for the singers. May these songs truly inspire a new song in the heart of every listener.

Individual track downloads and physical CDs of this recording.