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Who We Are

We are a group of 40 singers of Anabaptist background from across US and Canada who meet every year to sing acapella music. We have toured in the US, Canada, and the British Isles and usually record a new choral album every other year. We are constantly seeking fresh ways for choral musicians to share God’s beauty with others and to sing God’s grace into our world.

Hear Our Music

One of our latest commissioned pieces written by Douglas Byler is featured in our album, The Glory of His Grace. The video below is from our 2018 tour.

Join Oasis Chorale!

Would you like to join Oasis Chorale? It’s our mission to produce artistic choral music that nourishes thoughtful worship. Oasis Chorale is a place for skilled musicians to work together. It’s a place where warm companionship, artistic excellence, and following Jesus unite. There’s travel, conversations, and rich music. It’s a place of intense labor and satisfying creativity.

Applications are open. There are openings in all four vocal sections. Click the button below to open the application.

Our Latest Choral Album

In 2022 we toured through Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee and loved seeing many of you at our concerts. Our final concert at Park View Mennonite Church in Harrisonburg, VA was a highlight, coming after several days spent there recording our new choral album, New Every Morning – Great Is Thy Faithfulness (pictured on right).

One enriching experience that Oasis Chorale enjoys on tour is participating in a workshop with a choral clinician.  In July of 2019, we enjoyed working with Dr. Rene Clausen, whose gentle feedback was affirming, gracious, and incredibly helpful. You can read more about our day with him on our blog.


From René Clausen:

The Oasis Chorale is an outstanding choir on every level.  It is comprised of excellent and highly skilled individual singers, yet the sense of awareness of the needs of the ensemble is ever present.  The Chorale is distinguished by tonal beauty, excellent intonation, refined musicianship, and outstanding interpretation under the direction of their fine conductor, Wendell Nisly.

Our Blog

Read about our latest tour and other events we’ve been a part of.

Final Concert, July 17, 2022

Final Concert, July 17, 2022

July 17 was our official last day together as a choir. After spending the previous several days working hard on our recording project, it was time for the last performance of 2022. The day dawned warm and humid. We had the morning off to worship at a venue of our choice. At noon, the choir...

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Recording Day 3, July 16, 2022

Recording Day 3, July 16, 2022

Saturday was our third and final day of recording. The two previous days had gone surprisingly well. Basically, we were able to record more songs than we expected to in that time. By Saturday, we had only one more song to record, in addition to a few reruns. The outlined schedule for the day was...

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Recording Day 2, July 15, 2022

Recording Day 2, July 15, 2022

This choir has displayed wonderful cooperation, focus, and energy in the recording process. Since we made good progress yesterday, Wendell moved the call time this morning from 8:30 to 9:00. None of us minded at all. We mostly arrived on time and began with a short period of time spent turning our...

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