Hymns of the Church – Volume 2 – Digital Download

The church at work Monday to Saturday reflects the church at worship on Sunday. Like the hub of a bicycle wheel, the worship of the church anchors and shapes the activities of Monday to Saturday, where “the rubber meets the road.” In the same way, the music of the church at worship is the hub of our Monday to Saturday singing. Indeed, the hymns of the church that Oasis members grew up singing have in many ways made possible the choral music we do together. And so it is a delight, in this second volume of Hymns of the Church, to sing and celebrate the music of the church. The traditional pattern of biblical worship begins with the mind and moves to the heart. While imprisoned unjustly, the Apostle Paul said, “I will rejoice, for I know…” (Phil 1:18). This statement flows from a mature biblical understanding of mind and emotion. When you go on vacation, you don’t let your children drive–but they should be in the car. Emotion in worship should not take the driver’s seat–but it should be in the car! I encourage you to take your hymnbook, and follow along with these songs. Read them, consider them, pray them, and discover them anew. As you do so, may you find yourself encouraged and rejoicing.

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