And Your Heart Shall Rejoice

It is difficult to lament. We live in a society that has made happiness a high virtue, and turned it into a commodity to be bought and sold. The icons that depict our national dreams are beautiful and smiling, promising that if we will but brandish our credit cards, we too can be beautiful and smiling. With so many discounted ways to entertain and distract ourselves, it is no wonder that lament is difficult. For those of us who are Christians, an additional impediment bars the way. We often feel an unspoken pressure to live the “victorious Christian life,” so that “How are you?” requires a “Fine, thanks.” Any less jaunty response borders on the discourteous. But when we get all alone, away from mall and stadium and pew, we remember that not all is well with the world. All creation groans, and we groan with it. Sin and sadness abound within and without; the wounds seep and are stanched, and seep again. We must own this brokenness and lament it, for until we lament we will not seek hope. And hope is there. The world is not all brokenness and groaning; it is beautiful even now. Moreover, we have the promise of a salvaging project to be made complete, when all things created will be reconciled to the one who made them. The broken will be made whole, He shall wipe away all tears from our eyes, and our hearts shall rejoice. This album reminds us that there is much to sorrow over, and much comfort to be sought.


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Released in 2012

Song List

  1. Come Unto Me
  2. Sometimes I Feel Like a Moanin’ Dove
  3. I Will Not Leave You Comfortless
  4. Hear Me, O God, Nor Hide Thy Face
  5. I Sing of Your Mercies
  6. Jesus Loves Me
  7. The Heart’s Grief
  8. In Times Like These
  9. Ride On, King Jesus
  10. David’s Lamentation
  11. Deal Gently With Thy Servants, Lord
  12. Selig Sind Die Toten
  13. Peace I Leave With You
  14. When Peace Like a River
  15. What a Wonderful World
  16. The Trees of the Field
  17. Stay With Us

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