The Glory of His Grace

When Jesus prayed, “Our Father in heaven … your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven,” He has set eternity in our hearts. We long for more. The songs in this program, “The Glory of His Grace,” trace an arc from heaven, down to earth, and back to heaven. The scene opens in the throne room of heaven, where the seraphim cry out “Holy, Holy, Holy,” and we hail the power of Jesus’ name. The view shifts to earth, and we see the brokenness of our world and of our own lives. Here the glorious grace of God is on display. In Christ, his grace flows to the lowest depths of human experience, cleansing and renewing us, forgiving and healing us, setting at liberty those who are bruised. In the final scene, we look beyond death to see that God has not abandoned us, but will return to be forever with his people. This recording is a tribute of thanks to God for his presence and his glorious grace, by which we sing, “Dwell in us now, that we may dwell forevermore with thee.”

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Released in 2019

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Song List

  1. All Hail the Power
  2. Duo Seraphim
  3. Crown Him With Many Crowns
  4. God of Mercy
  5. I Am the Lord
  6. The Spirit of the Lord
  7. Prayer
  8. The Deer’s Cry
  9. Walk Together Children
  10. We Are Not Alone
  11. Bless the Lord, My Soul
  12. Blessed Be the Lord My Rock
  13. You Are Mine
  14. Wie selig sind die Todten
  15. O What a Beautiful City
  16. The Eternal Gates

Track 12, “Blessed Be The Lord, My Rock” has an incorrectly mastered ending. We regret the error and offer a free digital download to those who purchase the physical CD. If you have purchased this album, please click this link to get your download.

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