7/9/2021 Chambersburg

Jul 10, 2021

One of the healthy qualities of Oasis Chorale is the focus on development and the search to find new ways to improve. In music, as in life, there are always new things to find. Even after a solid first concert Thursday night, we could still find new things on Friday.
A couple of us guys found a local disc golf course Friday morning. Unfortunately, the local water hazards had a healthy appetite for discs! It was good for the soul to shoot a round while shooting the breeze, even though I shot myself in the foot with my drive on hole 16. I miss the informal interactions with other choir members that come with a bus tour, so this was a welcome exploit.
After finding our way to my hometown of Chambersburg for our second concert, we had a review of last night’s concert. Many things obviously went well but some not so well, whether obvious or not. Wendell continued his pursuit of finding new things. “Find the alveolar ridge,” “Find your default arrangement. No, I mean your default ZIP arrangement,” “Basses can you find the C flat on measure 21?” “Ok now find your windows,” “Find your sound!”
After a delicious supper and a thoughtful and relevant prep time, we sang. We found the space quite toasty and the acoustic a bit spacious, but the audience was gracious and the fellowship warm. It can be fun singing to the home crowd but I found my focus was lacking; it was not a solid concert for me. There’s always tomorrow, and room for improvement. Who knows what we’ll find on Saturday?

There once was a choir named Oasis.

That found pitches off in some places.

But who caused the drops,

Altos, tenors or sops?

It’s never the fault of the basses.

-John Strickler, baritone