A Day of Rest

Jul 13, 2015

Being able to stay with the same hosts for several nights is a luxury we are all thoroughly enjoying! In fact, it’s so agreeable at my host’s that I lingered over breakfast too long this morning and nearly missed the bus. They nicely let this straggler on board so that the blog didn’t have to mention a hitch-hiking choir member roaming the roadsides!

 We joined the congregation of Heritage Mennonite Church for worship, filling their small church more than it’s accustomed to on an average Sunday. Jeff, Deana, and Phoebe added a little drama to the service with an object lesson for the children about right and wrong thoughts. No one present will ever look at a head of cabbage the same again!

The good people of Heritage fed us on the church lawn before we again loaded up and headed for Calvary United. The morning was so tranquil and relaxed that we had to consciously prepare ourselves for the challenge of sharing two concerts with only a small interval of rest between.

We are being well cared for by the people of Ontario!  

Summer Mobley

Photo Credit: Erin Martin