Barshinger Concert, July 15

Jul 16, 2017

“Everybody smile!” Getting forty-one people into position for pictures is no small feat, but our photographer team was so capable and efficient that we were posed, shot, and finished before our smiles fell too flat.
Our next task was to record “Children of the Heavenly Father” and do a re-take of “Not One Sparrow is Forgotten”. While the choir members enjoyed lunch and a short snooze, Wendell and Brandon listened to some of the previous day’s recordings to decide if we needed another take of any of them.
We were happy to be informed that only one song required another take! This allowed for a fairly long afternoon break.
We were joined in the afternoon by some of Jeff Swanson’s music students from Shalom Mennonite School to rehearse “Give to Our God Immortal Praise”. They were quite an impressive bunch of little singers!
The excitement level was high for the evening’s fundraiser concert at the Barshinger Center. We loved the opportunity to sing in such a lovely space, and, because it was a ticketed event,we knew in advance that every seat would be filled.
It was a wonderful evening of sharing the gift of song. It took the combined efforts of choir members, coordinators, volunteers, and the attendance of our guests to make it happen, and we are grateful!

Summer Yoder
Alto 1