Bethany Church

Jul 14, 2012

We were privileged to be with the Bethany Church congregation in the greater Chicago area last evening. After a necessary afternoon rehearsal, we had our first taste of the exquisite Romanian hospitality at dinner. We relaxed as we prepared for our second concert, which was broadcasted live due to the technical proficiency of the congregation. The pastor at Bethany Church graciously welcomed us after the youth band opened the service with music. We were encouraged by the spirit of our fellow believers there. Franklin Miller shared a message in Romanian, which was an extra special connection for the congregation. After the concert, we were blessed with more food and fellowship. We all enjoyed our host families immensely! Thank you for your love and care! God bless you!

Now after lunch eaten at various and sundry restaurants, we dashed through the rain to the bus and are nearly ready to disembark at the First United Methodist Church in Champaign, Illinois.