Cork, Dunmore East and Kilkenny

Jul 14, 2014

Friday the 11th of July, we travelled to Comeragh Wilderness Camp, a therapeutic camp for lads. ( We travelled in the bus to the closest drop point to the camp. We set off on foot, taking turns as the shuttle vehicles came to meet us. This opportunity to get acquainted with the project, the lads, and the staff was a boost for all. They prepared a delicious meal for us, talked about their daily schedule and sang their favorite songs. Their music was hearty and robust. We joined them and filled out the harmony as best we knew how. 

After our camp visit we drove the winding roads to Dunmore East. The cliff walk was not for the faint of heart. It included steep trails, wading through water, and scrambling over rocks. Once these feats were accomplished we were rewarded with breathtaking vistas of the ocean and the cliffs. We found ourselves frequently drawn to bounce on the soft grass and peat. The sun and breezes whispered soul-filling murmurs, soothing our schedule-weary bodies. 

The following day was spent in Waterford, learning about it’s history, looking at dazzling crystal dishes and figurines. We sang to an eager and responsive audience at Christ Church Cathedral. The tour of the building offered a series of shocking and disturbing facts. For instance, the first cathedral built on that plot of land was condemned for mercenary interests, but the demolition crew found that it was built too strongly for their tools. Eventually they resorted to the use of gunpowder to break it down. Another “saint” had his decayed and worm-eaten corpse sculpted on the top of his tomb in the church to serve as a “gospel” message to the living about how to conduct a holy life while considering the end of man.

Joseph Ebersole