Day 1, Rehearsal 7/5/2021

Jul 6, 2021

With great expectations and anticipation the 39 singers who comprise Oasis Chorale, along with Wendell their fearless leader, descended on Terre Hill Mennonite High School in eastern Lancaster County,  Pennsylvania. After a chattery half hour of meet and greet time and some warm-ups our souls (and bodies) began rehearsing the “exalted lays” we have been practicing for a year and a half. 
After a delicious lunch that was so graciously provided for us by Linda Stoltzfus and crew, we began our afternoon routine which bore a marked resemblance to our morning activities. 
For supper we headed south to Gap to the farm of Oasis charter members Dwight and Brenda Stoltzfoos where we were fed another scrumptious meal. 
After supper a dozen of our multi-talented singers played a game of Ultimate Frisbee while a multi-tasking audience cheered them on and enjoyed the farm dog’s puppies. It’s been a wonderful start to an amazing week!

Laura Conley
Alto 2