Faith Mission Home & Oak Grove Singing School

Jul 23, 2011

We began Friday morning with a warm tour of Faith Mission Home.  As we began our tour at 9:00 it was 87* in the shade of the front porch and when we left at 10:00 it was 92*.  

Stan, our trusty bus driver skillfully took us over hill,  over dale and past vast horse farms to Charlottesville. There we found some lunch and enjoyed a relaxing afternoon going in and out of the air conditioned shops so as to be able to endure the sauna-like streets. Most of us partook of some refreshingly cool substance such as gelato or iced coffee. Or maybe it was two iced coffees.  

We arrived at Oak Grove Mennonite Church around 4:00. While some of us attempted to rest in the sanctuary, some others rid themselves of pent up energy during a soccer game in the basement after the wheeled suitcase they were using for leap frog was forbidden them.

In the evening we had a hymn sing led by Nathan Good, followed by a message on Worshiping God in Spirit by Wayne Yoder. Afterwards we had a choir rehearsal including those from the area who chose to join us for 3 songs in our repertoire. By the time that was over, it was high time to head to our comfortable lodgings for a good night’s rest.