First Concert, Thursday 7/8/2021

Jul 10, 2021

Thursday (July 8) was concert day! Choir members had a few hours in the morning to brunch and relax before carpooling two hours to Wilkes-Barre. My carload discussed our high school music preferences. What an enlightening topic! Along the way, it was reported that Jared discovered Istanbul Grill where the chicken donor kebab dish stole his heart and moved him to rate the dish 4.5/5 stars. John showed impressive efficiency in finishing his plate in time to reach rehearsal. Rosalie Beiler, the only alto in this particular group of tenor and bass diners, recommends the falafel. 
Wilkes-Barre Mennonite Church welcomed us into their church which had beautiful stained glass windows and glorious acoustics.  After rehearsing we dined on a refreshing salad bar with grilled chicken and a plethora of delectable desserts. What an exciting day for many of us who have not had the opportunity to sing a concert in many months. Despite a few missteps and mistakes typical to a first concert, we had a delightful time worshiping with the generous congregation of Wilkes-Barre. As we prepared to depart, the drivers of our caravan found final warnings for towing on their windshields. We had a rainy drive back to Terre Hill fraught with adventure but Wendi Martin our fearless  driver navigated our scenic route safely home.  And now, I bid you gracious readers farewell. 

Sarah Sommers, Alto II