Flutter of Preparations

Jul 7, 2012

Tour 2012 is nearly upon us! The singers are hard at work moving their songs to 99% memorized and the administrative committee is hard at work tying up loose ends. For me that is getting the sales table stuff ready for the trip to Indiana besides paying some bills and etc. All that stuffed in between an already busy life makes this a challenge for me and I know the singers find it similar but for all it is rewarding. I am very excited about this years program and the opportunities presented to the choir. I’m sorry that I won’t be privileged to hear any concerts myself this year!
Keep checking back as the plan is to have regular (daily?) updates from the choir posted here. You can also see shorter posts on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/OasisChorale

May God’s Kingdom be expanded and His beauty portrayed by the ministry of Oasis Chorale!

Dwight Stoltzfoos
OC Treasurer/Sales/Web editor