Goshen Mennonite Church

Aug 2, 2011

Our destination on Thursday was the little town of Laytonsville, Maryland. The church in which we sang is the third building on its site, the first one apparently appearing in 1791, according to a plaque on it’s front. It was formerly a Methodist Church but is currently Goshen Mennonite Church. The balcony was for use by blacks during the Segregation Era. When bathroom facilities were added 10 years ago, the addition was built against the church without being attached, since it’s a historic site and may not be altered.

The outdoor temperature has receded to a point where we were willing to eat our supper (or dinner, if you prefer) outdoors, a definite improvement over last week’s Sauna Weather. This was our smallest crowd of the tour (perhaps because it was the smallest building) and the one with the “warmest” welcome, as it were.