Island Creek Mennonite Church Concert

Jul 9, 2016

Tour! After a profitable morning practice and a lunch of delicious homemade pizza, we loaded the bus and embarked on our 2016 tour. 

We arrived in Hillsville, Virginia, set up the risers, and had a delightful practice with the children’s choir from Island Creek Mennonite Church, whose director Debbie Miller is one of our own altos. Together we sang Lyle Stutzman’s lovely arrangement of “Give to Our God, Immortal Praise”, and both groups thoroughly enjoyed the interaction. 

The concert was accented by a tumultuous thunderstorm, but that did not dampen the choir or the audience. We visited with friends old and new after the concert, then departed with our hosts for the evening. This morning finds us on the road again headed for Batesburg, South Carolina.