July 13, First Day of Recording

Jul 14, 2017

The day dawned with promise. Thankfully most of us were able to get somewhere near a full night’s rest after getting into the Lancaster region on the bus the night before. We all made our separate ways to the the beautiful Barshinger Center on the Franklin & Marshall College campus. There was a joyful meeting with Brad Zebalski, our recording engineer and Brandon Mullet, our producer for this album. At 9 AM, we got started with some familiar warm ups led by Rosemary, then gathered in small groups to pray for the day and the whole recording process. Finally we jumped right in! “Not One Sparrow” was the first song tackled then on to “Psalm 67”. The recording process can actually be fun when there are such a talented and witty group of management. We usually do a few takes, with Brandon adding helpful hints and commentary from his perspective. Occasionally we had to to stop and wait for dump trucks, lawn mowers, etc. to move on, but mostly, the space stayed quiet and of course wonderfully resonant. For lunch and dinner we made a 5 minute walk to a nearby church that kindly offered us their dining hall where Brandon’s wife Marie ,with help from Laura’s relatives, fed us scrumptious repasts. We ended up recording about half of our repertiore with the other half to be done today, leaving Saturday for any retakes that need cleaning up. Please remember us in your prayers as we seek to create an “oasis” (;) of God-glorifying beauty for His kingdom.

Jason Martin
Tenor I