Mountain View Nursing Home & Oak Grove Mennonite

Jul 28, 2011

Our Sunday began with some large Sunday school classes followed by a message by Steve Byler entitled Theology – Philosophy of Music.

In the afternoon we enjoyed a visit to Mountain View Nursing Home where we sang the fascinating residents. It made such a good impression that some of us want to go there when we get old. We were given a tour of the facilities and felt happy for them that the renovations are all over because it sounds like it must’ve been a harrowing 3 years.

Our evening concert differed a bit from the norm. We demonstrated the polyphony in some of the songs before singing them to aide the audience in understanding what was happening. At intermission Eric Hershberger led the children’s choir from yesterday in a smashing medley of some “spirituals”. The evening ended with a mass choir consisting of OC and the folks from Aroda who chose to join us for 3 songs. The grand finale was the entire congregation standing together and singing 606 (Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow).