Newgrange, Listowel and Killarny

Jul 10, 2014

In Drogheda the choir was warmly welcomed by the Presbyterian community. Their space was the newest Presbyterian Church building in Ireland. They had to build it because their community of faith is rapidly expanding. In a country where churches are being abandoned because of shallow ideas being taught in the collages and the influx of cultural decay this growth can be attributed to the people of God returning to the Truth. What a testament to the work of the Spirit in a community of faith!

In sharp contrast to that memorable event, we sang at St. John’s Theatre and Centre for the Arts, in Listowel, on Wednesday evening. The Listowel Christian Fellowship hosted our choir in that space as a creative way to bring “Church” back to a space that had become an entertainment center due to neglect of the Faith. Only God can take the beauty of music and work this miracle in the hearts. The shining eyes, the standing ovation, and the 2 encores helped to rebuild that sanctuary for the listeners. For the night we enjoyed the liberal hospitality of the church families, who insisted on showing us their lovely and wild shoreline. Ballybunion is the region of John Bunyan fame. Unforgettable. 

Today we travelled to west Ireland and checked into our hostel in Cork. On the way we stopped in Killarny to sing in St. Mary’s Cathedral and explore the small pubs and shops. Transcendence all over again!

We are at long last among the rugged emerald hills that are the signature of Ireland’s scenery. Tonight we simply relax.

Joseph Ebersole