Night Crossing

Jul 7, 2014

We boarded the ferry at 1:45 am., invading the quiet, empty bench areas like swarms of bees. Stuffing our ears with ear plugs and donning eye patches left over from the airplane, we sought sleep with an organized viciousness. God blessed us with a calm crossing! We stumbled below deck to board our bus around 5:30, some of us mumbling gratefulness for the hours of sleep we got, others lamenting the laughing passengers near their make shift beds. 

We enjoyed a bus side breakfast next to a grocery store, our cooks providing us with pastries, scones, biscuits, juice, and citrus fruit. We are grateful for the Weavers’ flexibility and creativity! 

We spent the morning enjoying the breathtaking Powerscourt Estate, the third ranked garden in the world! The fresh air soothed our weary spirits, as did the Japanese and Italian gardens, and the walled garden, featuring stunning roses, larger than your hand in size! This was a proper reintroduction to the Irish countryside, to which we were very happy to return. 

Currently checked into the Knockree hostel, we are enjoying pasta, a delicious salad, and baguettes, a meal prepared by our cooks. We look forward to an afternoon of rest before our informal concert this evening at the YMCA. The rain is gently falling as we gaze out the the glass walls at the quiet grounds and far off fields. We thank God for peace and rest.

Esther Swartzentruber