Oak Grove Singing School

Jul 28, 2011

10:00 Saturday found us gathered back with the Oak Grove Church people ready to listen to Wayne Yoder’s second topic: Worshiping God in Truth. Wendell then guided us through some thoughts on allowing the text of songs to speak well, after which we lunched. 

The afternoon began with some workshops: New Hymns, Sight Singing, Song Leading, Understanding the Text and a children’s choir. We had a rehearsal with our temporary OC’ers before enjoying yet another scrumptious meal.

The weather continues to be a hot topic of conversation…

At 7:30 we began another “instructional hymn sing” led by Joe Miller from South Boston, VA. John Strickler gave us a sample of an earlier workshop on understanding the text, including a River Brethren song leading demonstration.

We are enjoying the enthusiasm exhibited by people of all ages. One is never too old to learn. We OC folks find our Oak Grove brothers and sisters to be a genuinely hospitable and Christ-like group of believers and a joy with whom to interact. We’re glad we’re here!