Park View Mennonite Church

Jul 21, 2011

This extremely warm Tuesday morning found us heading to Harrisonburg, VA by 9:00. Wendell and Stan each told us a story as a reward for our speedy roll calls. We experienced a variety of lunches over our leisurely noon hour.
Our program at Parkview Mennonite Church was well attended and we were blessed by the benediction the audience sang for us. The locals were delighted to go home to their very own beds to sleep. The rest of us were also happy to be given local beds in which to rest our singing souls and bodies.

Wednesday morning found us at Calvary Mennonite Fellowship where were given much food for thought by Steve Byler. The subject of our “food” was Beauty and specifically The Arts. Why Beauty? We discovered quite a few questions and maybe even several answers. After some sectional music practice we relaxed our brains with some play time, which included everything from building blocks and Memory to coloring books and Taboo. We were then served a Fabulous chicken barbecue meal followed by multiple desserts.

To finish off the day we warmly fellow-shipped in the gym over some volleyball. We are truly experiencing “Warm” southern hospitality!