Recording Day 2

Jul 15, 2017

It’s hard to believe we are almost done. The day started with the song, “Come, Let’s Rejoice”. It was accompanied by jack hammers from the construction work going on outside and thunderstorms which rumbled for the first few hours. Recording is both fun and exhausting so one of the discussion points around the dinner table is often the highs and lows of recording. My low is always the hour before lunch when my growling stomach is adding to the background noise. My high is the moment a song has reached its completion and the echo can still be heard ringing out into the hall. All in all it is a very rewarding experience and I’m looking forward to the fall when my CD will come in the mail. We ended our day with pizza and a philosophical discussion about art, the people who make it, and the God who creates and gives us joy in it.

Wendi Martin
Soprano l