Recording Day Two

Jul 17, 2015

This evening finds us happily settled into our wonderful Comfort Inn after our second day of recording. We began again at 9 this morning with warm-ups and then launched into where we left off yesterday. ‘Twas a wonderful recording day with good energy and Wendell’s ever kind, patient leadership to guide our pitches, rhythms, etc. into straight paths. 

We ate lunch which was provided by some kind, wonderful people from a nearby church. We finished our last recording session around 5:30 and relaxed while Joe picked up some pizza for a ravenously hungry group of happy musicians. After supper, some slightly unhappy souls were forced by various, unfortunate, but very legitimate circumstances to do some research on “closest laundromat options”. The excursion that followed was widely successful which meant that various people ended up with piles of clean laundry and perhaps a deeper appreciation for and a desire to go back home to our dear mothers! The rest of the group stayed at the college and enjoyed a few impromptu recitals by different pianists and vocalists from the choir, which resulted in many good times and much happy laughter to unwind after a slightly tiring but wonderful day. And now this little OC musician is gonna relax and eventually go to bed so as not to be low on energy to wrap up our final recording session tomorrow. Thanks for your prayers. Cheers! 


Photo Credit: Erin Martin