Rehearsal Day One

Jul 7, 2015

The first day of the Oasis tour is behind us. We rehearsed all day long! I think that we are all tired and I think that we all feel blessed! We spent the day at Sandy Ridge Mennonite Church. The church is well equipped with a nice kitchen for the cooks to prepare the food. In the large open dining area we arranged the chairs in a semi-circle with Wendell, our conductor, seated on his tall stool in the front. We began the day with warm up exercises and then launched into our repertoire. Today we especially focused on immersing ourselves deeply into the text so that we can accurately communicate the meaning to our audience. I think that we were all impressed with the power of music when it is sung expressively. In addition we focused on diction and on the quality of our sound. We had some breakout sessions in which our section leaders could lead us in focus on specific areas that each part needs help in. Now we’ve all dispersed to the homes of the people who are graciously hosting us. Tomorrow we look forward to another day of rehearsal! And then on to Ontario!

Keith Martin (Bass)

Photo Credit: Erin Martin