Rheo’s and Rivers

Jul 14, 2015

After two enjoyable concerts on Sunday, we were all ready for a day off, and what a delightful day we had.

We began with a scrumptious breakfast at Schmidtsville, a lovely restaurant owned by the cousin of one of our choir members, Darcy Jantzi.  
Back on the bus, we headed for Stratford, a Canadian version of the European city abounding with art, music, and of course, Shakespeare.  

Oasis embarked on our journey of the city at the Rheo Thompson Chocolate Factory.  The kind owner requested a song after our tour of the establishment, so we sang “Whispering Hope”, which has been an audience favorite, for the employees.

Next, choir members took boat tours, rented canoes, spent time perusing book stores, fed swans, wandered in the peaceful Shakespearean gardens, and made up a new frisbee game in which two people release a frisbee simultaneously and try to catch it in the same manner as well.  This does not happen when one of the two nails the photographer in the shin as she is working on her blog post.

This delightful day ended at choir member Darcy Jantzi’s farm where we relaxed on the lawn and played Kan Jam and Koob.  

We are looking forward to our last Canadian concert tomorrow night at Zion Mennonite Fellowship in Brussels, Ontario, and then returning to the states for recording and a concert in Indiana.  

Deana Swanson
Alto II