Sharing and Learning

Jun 13, 2004

Our evenings and some afternoons were given to sharing in song with the inmates at different prisons, we spent our mornings in workshops conducted by Wendell Nisly (conductor), Lyle Stutzman (assistant conductor), and Joe Miller. The subjects included: Philosophy of Music, Sight Singing, Pitch, Vocal Production, Rhythm, and Choral Conducting. All of these proved to be beneficial to the chorale, but perhaps the most controversial and thought-provoking workshop was Philosophy of Music. The concerts in prisons were eye-opening for many of the chorale members. It was saddening to see people, young and old, who had been incarcerated for years on end. Even more sad to witness were their countenances, worn by years of suffering, pain, and sin. What a privilege to bring the Good News to these souls, and to meet the Christians who also were behind bars!