St. Jacob’s Farmers Market

Jul 12, 2015

The morning was spent at St. Jacob’s Farmer’s Market, enjoying the multi-cultural food, music, and goods. Sensory stimuli was at an all time high as we wound through the crowds amidst rows of vibrant produce, food booths, and all manner of authentic trinkets and gadgets. Above the din of business and chatter, we caught strains of a whining bagpipe, the resonating strings of a small Chinese player, as well as other street musicians.  Lunch cuisine choices among choir members ranged from pizza and kabobs to Moroccan mahajeb and roasted red pepper hummus, Brie cheese and salami with sourdough Artisan bread to traditional club sandwiches. 

We returned to Faith Mennonite Church early afternoon and enjoyed about an hour of quiet reprieve before again rehearsing and attending to vocal technique under Wendell and Rosemary’s guidance.

The audience for this second concert was large, warm, and responsive. It was our pleasure to meet and fellowship here!

Regina Brubaker