Sunday Concerts, Day 6

Jul 9, 2017

By morning, the sanguine mosquitoes had calmed down a bit, and the outside air was refreshing and cool, lacking humidity. Gathering from a sauna, the moonlit lake, and conversation with a parrot, the choir members arrived at the church around 8:00 for a scrumptious breakfast. 

Following breakfast we rehearsed standings and movement in the auditorium. Rosemary helped us find our breath and supported tone with a few warmups. We began several pieces to test the space and to get our morning voices in gear.

Prep time was in the basement and Johnny shared a few thoughts on worship, inviting our scattered thoughts to unite in common purpose. He then turned us loose for solitary prayers.

We processed shortly after 10:00 and enjoyed singing for such a receptive audience. They did not hesitate to show their appreciation through applause, raised hands, smiles, and nods. Together we worshipped our Lord and Savior.

Lunch was served following the service and pleasant memories of pesto sandwiches and whoopie pies still flit through our consciousness. Maybe I should say unconsciousness, as numerous choir members are now taking advantage of the afternoon bus ride, and nodding off in slumber.

We plan to arrive in Stetson, ME, by 3:00 this afternoon which will give us plenty of time for warm-ups and dinner before the evening concert. 

It is a joy to see what God is doing in these communities in Maine. We are looking forward to meeting our hosts, the folks of Beacon of Light Christian Fellowship, at the Stetson Meeting House this evening.

Gary Hurst
Tenor II