Sunday in Arthur, IL

Jul 16, 2012

We enjoyed sharing in worship with Cynthia’s church, Living Word Fellowship in Arthur, Illinois this morning. We gave an abbreviated concert before hearing a challenging sermon on “Keep your hearts with all diligence…” Following church, we worked our way through two very generous lines of food; one contained gourmet potatoes and scrumptious salads while the other offered a delectable array of delicious desserts.
After a relaxing Sunday afternoon we made our way to Sunnyside Mennonite Church, Arcola, Illinois. We were warmly welcomed with a “light” supper before singing to a packed church of eager listeners. We enjoyed singing parts of several of our songs with them. What a joyful noise such a crowd made! After sufficient post program chat time we headed to Cynthia’s house. Once more we were blessed with mounds of lovely food and gallons of drink which we consumed amidst much laughter and camaraderie. We’re looking forward to a chance to relax our voices a bit today after giving four concerts in three days.