Sunday Morning and Final Concert

Jul 17, 2017

After an exhilarating concert on Saturday night, the singers headed to their lodging places, grabbed a few winks, and then met Stan and the Melard bus at 8 AM. We had a short ride to Myerstown Mennonite Church, which graciously offered us an enriching Sunday School class and sermon followed by a sumptuous feast. We in turn sang them four songs from our repertiore! By, 12:30 or so, we were headed for Chambersburg. Our concert was at 4:00, and owing to some unsuitable traffic, we didn’t get to St. Paul United Methodist Church until 2:30. This gave us very little time to setup and have a brief run-through. Meanwhile, out in the lobby, an ardent avalanche of Oasis admirers awaited immediate entrance! After scrambling for some chairs, we managed to find a seat for our estimated crowd of 575. The chapel had a marvelous acoustic, and the concert was bathed throughout with the golden rays of afternoon sunlight streaming in. We as a choir felt very, very blessed to be part of something like this. The bus ride back to Lancaster turned raucous at times as choir members destressed with folksy singing and jokes. We finally finished up the day at long-awaited after-party at John Strickler’s study room with wonderful food and fellowship. It was another successful tour and we thank God and also our many supporters for enabling us. May all our spirits loudly sing!

Jason Martin
Tenor I