Thank You, Thank You!

May 5, 2016

Last night we held the fundraising event that we have been talking about. Thank you to each of you who who attended and helped to make this event successful!

The choir practiced hard and sang beautifully! I especially loved when they asked anyone who had been a part of the choir in the past to join them for the last song, God Be With You. It was a beautiful moment as moms carrying babies and people who have been very influential in the choir joined the 2016 choir to sing!

There were fun times, like when anyone who wanted to could go to the front and lead the choir. And there were uplifting moments like when the audience joined in singing Lift Your Glad Voices. There were special moments, like when the choir sang a song of thanks and made sure the servers were there to hear it.

Thank you, thank you to those who came and supported us! A special thank you to Curtis and Emily Martin and Durrell and Janell Nolt for all they did in helping to plan and to prepare for the event!

The echoes of this evening will live on in our hearts!