The People We Met

Jul 25, 2007

Even more important than the sights, though, were the people we met. Our hosts were always generous and kind. They also paid a price to make this a delightful tour. We were frequently served a meal before and a tea after a concert. Along with the unforgettable Dean of Cashel, we could mention the brothers and sisters at Dunmore East, our tour guide in London and his family, the family at Sandiway Gospel in Norwich, the couple stranded at JFK due to lost passports, our bus driver Shawn, and the many dear Christian people we spoke with before and after concerts. Listening to the stories of their lives just confirmed that God is at work in the hearts of people all over the world, wherever anyone is listening. We also had a number of opportunities to share our faith and history. Many people recognized us as Amish but that is about all they knew. So, we were sharpened and encouraged as we answered various questions.