Travel and Concert, July 10, 2022

Jul 10, 2022

Greetings from your new potential favourite OC extrovert!

As a rather extreme extrovert, during the beginning of this tour I felt quite outnumbered by what seemed like a large crowd of introverts.

Several days into tour, I estimated the choir to be 80% introvert. Today, for the sake of personal interest and (hopefully) some great blog content, I decided to take a poll of the introvert/extrovert ratio of the OC members. During the process, I learned several things about my fellow choir members. Resident alto Laura Conley declined to answer, claiming she “doesn’t fit the labels”. Fortunately (or unfortunately?) for her, Kari Nolt informed Laura that she is indeed an extrovert. In jest, Sarah (sa-RAH) Miller described our beloved Wendell as an “introverted snob”. Jeron Mullet, a first year tenor, described himself as an “introvert with a healthy dose of FOMO”.

Most of my data collection happened during bus time, which is what much of our day consisted of. Other highlights from our time on the road included an encouraging conversation regarding fitting into the OC social atmosphere, observing a biker gang of dudes with long sleeved T-shirts and preppy shoes on Harleys, and hearing Sarah’s hide and seek on the bus story for the second time.

After arriving at Hebron Baptist Church, we had our usual rehearsal, supper, prep time, and concert. A highlight of the concert for me was having Steve and Rose Martin in the audience. Steve is an OC board member and a fellow Canadian who told me multiple times that I really should sing in Oasis. I guess his encouragement worked, because here I am!

In closing, I present to you the poll results you all have been waiting for with hopeful hearts and bated breath.

Oasis Chorale is 63% introvert, 37% extrovert! An unusually high percentage of introverts, although not as high as this extrovert once thought.

Twyla Diefenbacher, Alto 1