Travel and Concert, July 9, 2022

Jul 9, 2022

Today again involved some “real” bus time time, loading up at 7 am for a long day. We spent the better part of the morning and afternoon in the bus traveling from Roanoke VA to Etowah TN.  I didn’t know how important bus time was to me until we didn’t have it for two years.  Bus activities can include personal music practice, rook games, reading a book, sleeping, and also trying to concentrate on making it to the next rest stop.  But the most important bus activity is good conversations with people who think well.  These interactions are a invaluable part of the fabric of Oasis Chorale.

Another important routine for Oasis is eating. The bus often stops at an area of high restaurant concentration for lunch.  Today was Chick-fil-A, Subway and Hardee’s.   For supper, sponsoring churches make food for us to eat right before concert and they never disappoint!

Oasis’s bus transportation
Seems sometimes too long in duration,
But nothing is stronger
To make it seem longer
Than generous over-hydration.

The food that we get is the height
Of culinary delight;
Salads are spiffy,
Dessert never iffy,
And coffee goes well with each bite.

John Strickler, Baritone