Travel, Day 5

Jul 9, 2017

No concert today! This morning we were treated to a lovely continental breakfast by our Emanuel Lutheran Church friends in Hartford, and loaded up for our next stop, Hampton Beach in New Hampshire. The Atlantic did not disappoint, and although the water was quite chilly, we couldn’t resist getting our toes wet! Several threw a Frisbee, some meditated on rocks (a few got soaked with waves they didn’t see coming!), while others simply enjoyed the sun. For the more adventurous, there was a pier made of large boulders, which was fun to navigate.
From there we went to a fun outdoor seaside café, called Beach Plum, where we ate lots of lobster, crab, and clam chowder. Bidding the ocean goodbye for now, we left for Lincoln, Maine, where we were greeted by our hosts at Community Evangel Temple. They fed us supper, and the choir spent time rehearsing in sectionals, figuring out standing arrangements, and going over a few songs.Then we headed off with our hosts to spend the night, some having the privilege of seeing a full moon over a clear Maine lake That completed our day!

Jen Martin