Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Jul 12, 2023

Good morning folks, it’s me again tuning in here on Wednesday!

Once again a huge shout out and thank you to Old Market Coffee for letting us overflow your coffee shop at 8:00. There was coffee, tea, yogurt parfaits, and crepes for everyone.

We left the lovely town of Potsdam and started our journey south. Once again we scattered over several local restaurants near Syracuse for a quick bite of lunch. Chick-fil-A was well populated and we were served graciously. Several of us dodged into Burlington in search of some deals and sure enough, it did not disappoint!

Upon arriving at Keuka Lake, we were ahead of schedule! Wendell so nicely gave us some time to chill and gather our thoughts as we lounged by the lake. Choir members with books, sketch pads, and blankets basked in the cool breeze and took in the sound of the waves breaking in the shore.

The chapel was glorious. A big stage for once, a high wood ceiling, and beautiful arches. It felt good to have space, comfortable standing arrangements, and incorporate all of our choreography. As the pews began to fill, we joined together for prep time outside.

There was some debate afterwards whether this was our second hottest concert. But the first half went very well! Everyone was settled and very few pitches were raised. The second half also went smoothly and we dispersed outside to chat with various friends, family, and acquaintances. Tomorrow is travel day and I think everyone is excited for that!

Thanks for following along!

Jaron Witmer
Tenor 2